Isabel De Villiers is a Cape Town born, now Pretoria, based ready to wear brand for women of all shapes and all sizes, who enjoy modern and effortless style.

Garments range from size 32 to size 48 to promote a body positive message by not merely focusing on the size of a women’s waist, but rather by designing and making garments locally and ethically with love for all the diverse bodies. All garments are made in their sunny Pretoria studio by a talented team who pay great attention to detail. Isabel De Villiers clothing ensures exclusivity and quality with their commitment to producing a limited number of garments in each style that are made from quality materials and designed with great care. Their design aesthetic is clean lines and figure flattering silhouettes that exudes a minimalistic touch. Signature pieces include unique laser cut garments.

The brand celebrates the feeling a garment provokes: confidence, power, strength, and beauty.

“We hope that our pieces find a treasured place in your wardrobe.”  Isabel De Villiers Clothing team